Semi Permanent Make Up Glasgow

Semi Permanent Make Up

Permanent make-up is also widely known as semi-permanent make-up, micropigmentation, skin tattooing or SPMU.

The art of placing colour pigments into the dermal layers of the skin for a long lasting cosmetic effect has been used for centuries and has many names.

LCN call it Permanent Make-up as the effects are very long lasting and the treatments should be seen as permanent.

Cosmetic Treatment Applications

These treatments are designed to enhance the natural facial features, they are not designed to look like you are wearing make-up. Heavy application of permanent make-up is not advised.

You can still wear cosmetic make-up in a conventional way, to create an evening look, for example, allowing you to keep up with current trends.


Thin sparse eyebrows from years of over plucking can be easily rectified with carefully applied permanent make-up. Imagine never having to draw your eyebrows in again! Scars through the brow can be easily camouflaged with carefully drawn hair strokes.


Skilful application of pigment between the lashes creates a thicker lash line for clients with sparse lashes. Permanent eyeliner on the top or bottom lash line provides a youthful appearance.


Lips that have lost their youthful pout can be enhanced with careful shading and colour choice, defining the lip line without the use of fillers. Scars through the lip line can be camouflaged to restore their definition.

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